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Decal for side chassis Blue for Hornet, Grasshopper

Decal for side chassis Blue for Hornet, Grasshopper

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Popular products have been upgraded and reappeared. It is a sticker (blue) to be attached to the side and front of the chassis of Tamiya Hornet Grasshopper. It's a hassle to paint the black chassis parts ... And it is very difficult to paint it neatly. That's where the decal set for this chassis came in. Since it has a cut line, you can just paste it as it is. In addition, a small sponsor decal has also been redesigned, and several types are included. This also has a cut line, so you can easily paste it wherever you like. The color on the side of the chassis will make the atmosphere better! * Although it is a blue color, it seems that the PS-30 Brilliant Blue of Tamiya Polycarbonate Spray is an approximate color. However, they are not exactly the same color. Please note that the colors are close to each other.

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