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#HN351950 - Hobbynox Masking Tape Gold UTG 19mm x 50m - L&L models
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#HN351950 - Hobbynox Masking Tape Gold UTG 19mm x 50m

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This is a lightweight, extremely thin, semi-transparent & professional masking tape that can be lifted and repositioned without leaving any residue or glue.

It is ideal for difficult, sensitive and smooth surfaces as well as for lexan bodies or most other airbrush hobby projects. Works equally well on small and large models or other non-model / hobby projects. Available in several different widths to satisfy most masking needs.

Type: Universal Temperature Resistant Gold Tape (UTG)
Material: Special Paper
Glue: Acrylic
Color: Gold Yellow
Thickness: 0.09 mm
Adhesion rate: = 1.0 N / cm
Adhesion: Medium / Low
Tensile strength: =28 N / cm
Max Elongation: 4%
Max temperature: 1 hour / + 100 ° C
Recommended Working Temperature:> + 5 ° C
UV resistance: Up to 4 weeks
Weather Resistance: Limited
Water-based Color Resistance: Excellent
Solvent-based Color Resistance: Excellent
Length: 50 m
Width: 19 mm
Diameter (roll): 76 mm
Lifespan: 12 months (if stored in original plastic bag, dark and at 18 ° C: 3-4 years)
Made in Germany

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