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Brushless Motor Sensor Cable - Universal Fit - 150mm - L&L models
L&L models

Brushless Motor Sensor Cable - Universal Fit - 150mm

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High quality flat ribbon sensor wires for brushless controllers (ESC's) and motors.

Available in 3 lengths of 100mm, 150mm and 200mm the wires are ideal for all applications including Buggies, Pan and Touring cars.

These sensor cables are super flexible, guaranteed not to cause rear pod tweak in pan cars and are so flexible they can be routed wherever you wish in your car to get a tidy wiring layout. Being available in a 3 lengths ensures there is a size to suit every application meaning you will never feel you could do with a little more length or wish for a shorter cable for a neater layout.

Suitable for use on all sensored Brushless ESC's and Motors to connect between them. Perfectly suited to: LRP, FANTOM, REEDY, NOSRAM, SPEED PASSION, HOBBYWING, DUAL SKY, TURNIGY and many many more.

NB. The only system in production to use a different design is the GM produced items which are using a separate design of plug so these will not be suitable.

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