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Carson 23t Electric Motor for Tamiya Cars C906052
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Carson 23t Electric Motor for Tamiya Cars C906052

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This motor is similar in spec to Tamiya's 53068 Sport Tune motor but with a 16400 RPM speed at typical voltage.

It has been engineered to work with all Tamiya speed controllers without needing any changes other than swapping the motor over - most other brands of motor require you to change the speed controller at the same time.

It gives a moderate speed and torque increase over the standard kit motor, without making any significant effect to the run time per battery.

Nominal voltage 6 V
Voltage range 4,8-8,4 V
Rotational speed 28.000 rpm
Current consumption 1.95 A with max. efficiency: efficiency 61.1 % .

Rotational speed 16.400 rpm
Torque 1.69 Ncm
Current consumption 8.7 A
Output 28.8 W

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