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Carson Reflex 2Ch Wheel Pro 3 2.4Ghz C500055
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Carson Reflex 2Ch Wheel Pro 3 2.4Ghz C500055

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Modern and low cost 2 channel remote control. The steering angle and the servo path on the accelerator are adjustable (dual rate). This allows any model to be controlled very sensitively and adapted to the actual running track. The steering wheel in a modern chromium wheel design with brake block makes for a precise steering with its rubber coating giving excellent grip. This remote control is excellently suitable for all areas in the RC-car sport.


  • Operating voltage 4.8 –6 V ~ 4 x AA
  • 2.4 GHz FHSS system (frequency hopping spread spectrum)
  • two continuously controllable fully proportional channels
  • servo reverse for both channels (reversal of the running direction)
  •   Trimming function for accelerator and steering
  • Dual rate for both channels (path limitation of the servos)
  • Power supply to the receiver via a drive battery with 4.8 –7.2 V possible • fail-safe programmable
  • Plug system for Futaba and Graupner-J/R
  • Charging socket (plus terminal on the inside)
  • Battery status indicator by LED
  • Mini-receiver 36x25x15 mm

The binding is smart and simple:

  1. Switch on receiver
  2. Press set up button
  3. Switch on transmitter –READY TO GO

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