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JConcepts 2020 Ford Raptor Body BF Power logo MT Body JC0423BFP

JConcepts 2020 Ford Raptor Body BF Power logo MT Body JC0423BFP

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JConcepts lowers the boom on the latest body for Losi LMT and Axial SMT10 vehicles. The BF Power logo is a collaboration between JConcepts and the gracious BIGFOOT 4X4 team on a fantasy style and fan inspired scheme. The identity is produced to lay out on the JC PN 0423, 2020 Ford Raptor body which is popular in the RC and fullsize monster truck community. As one of the best performing and most accurate body shells on the market, the Raptor fits well and allows the trucks to reach their maximum potential.

The decal scheme itself pops. Large racing bolts make their way on to the sides of the body giving a nod to racer stripe schemes from the past. The bolts continue through the Apillar area and over the nose in dual fashion to bring excitement from the side to the frontend. The BF logo treatment is developed to standout and fill door space featuring an updated digital desert landscape as inside artwork. A large selection of official sponsors, BIGFOOT terminology and miscellaneous JConcepts decal finish off one of the nicest logo packages around.

The Raptor launches quick with its lowslung design, snoopy frontend and detailed representation. The grille area is heavily recessed so the included decals lock into place and highend looks intimidate anyone at the starting line. Upper louvers, hardedge hood impressions help create a strong and durable mounting area for the body and matches the 1:1 as a racer. The cab is Raptorized, with center channel, recessed front windshield and side windows to provide rigidity to the area. The extra cab window has an included decal to help boldly display supporting sponsorships.

Travel back to the bed area, the pronounced rear fenders make the truck pop, and in addition, the 2020 truck carves out a new detail with another layered body panel for a new edgy feature. The slight bed recess allows plenty of space for body mounting and trimable space for rollbars and items found on chassis such as the Losi LMT and Axial SMT10. The rear of the fender is recessed for included decals for taillights. The surface representing blank space in the 1:1 world can be left as a subdued tailgate or cut or trimmed to a specific liking. One of the most important parts of any shell are the wheel wells. The JConcepts produced Ford Raptor has larger openings with flares to give clearance accurately and deliberately for large tires like the racing Renegades.

The clear JConcepts body shell includes Ford Raptor decal sheet, BIGFOOT 4x4 decal sheet, window mask, and instruction. The genuine body shell is backed with JConcepts customer support and racing heritage. Whether it is making record jump attempts, ascending new heights, or famed racing championships, Team BIGFOOT is synonymous with success. JConcepts IFMAR World Championship products and BIGFOOT 4x4, a winning combination.

Note: the BF Power logo decal contains an A and B sheet. There are several ways to use the decal sheet in conjunction with painting the body. As in the photo, the blue and white scheme can be laid out by the user to match the racing bolts along the sides and on the Apillar areas. Detailing in this manner requires some planning, masking material, (not included) and technical savvy and recommended for experienced builders. The alternate look, all blue, can be sprayed with a single color and the decal applies over for a completely different style and identity but still in BIGFOOT blue. All decals apply to the outside of the body, window mask applies on the inside for painting only.

Accessories included: the BF Power logo MT body includes accessory package (2912) specially designed flags with different logos to further enhance the authenticity and 1:1 flavor. The package includes flexible poles to attach the flags to and injection molded mounts which hold the flag and pole assembly to the body. Also included, mock light buckets and lens caps to place wherever desired on the shell or on a completely different vehicle. Lightweight hardware is included and used to place the plastic parts.


  • Officially licensed by Ford to JConcepts
  • BIGFOOT 4X4 decal officially licensed to JConcepts
  • Body measures 7.25 in width and 1213 semiadjustable wheelbase
  • Fits a variety of platforms including solid axle race trucks
  • Scale inspired body, cab, and window design
  • 1:1 headlight and grill treatment
  • Clear heavyduty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and detailed 2020 Ford Raptor decal sheet

Ford Oval and nameplates are registered trademarks owned and licensed by Ford Motor Company. Manufactured by JConcepts, Inc.

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