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JConcepts F2 B6.4/B6.4D Body w/Carpet/Turf Wing Part number: JC0475

JConcepts F2 B6.4/B6.4D Body w/Carpet/Turf Wing Part number: JC0475

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What is the response when a popular new vehicle hits the market Its simple; add the most popular and best performing body to date to an already successful platform. Dubbed the S2, the new shell rocks some familiar features but rolled together with a lowprofile stance. With 2015 IFMAR Championship credibility backing this design, its an easy choice. The S2 is a performer straight out of the package, with the Carpet | Turf rear wings to help deliver results on any racing circuit.

Slammed overall height allows the S2 to whisk through the turns with a low center of mass while the progressive cab design provides plenty of frontend force for superior balance and steering. A channeled roof directs the flow through the center of the body while also increasing the rigidity of cockpit. The dual sidewindow design that has become famous on the JConcepts bodies remains to bring a traditional feel to the layout.

The upper sidepods feature distinct vents which can be used to relieve hot air buildup inside the body for those highpowered runs or hot days at the track. Carved and detailed sidepods edge the body giving the highly aero unit a stylish look with a tight fit and finish. Cut lines are included on the shell to neatly finish around the chassis, steering, and transmission area of the B6.4 vehicles.

Performance validation was delivered by Spencer Rivkin during the IFMAR World Championships in Tsukuba, Japan. The Arizona native won Amains 2 and 3 to secure his 1st World title driving with the S2 body design. Rivkin remarked about the S2 bodyI felt so comfortable on the Yatabe Arena track with the S2 body. It looks so mean on the track and has exactly the feel I was looking for. The S2 was an advantage for us.

Roll with the IFMAR World Champion, the S2 by JConcepts.


  • JConcepts original Silencer 2 styling
  • Direct fit for B6.4 | B6.4D
  • Aggressive, progressive cab design
  • Channeled roof with center stabilizer
  • Useable sidepod vents
  • Includes two Carpet | Turf rear wings
  • Includes JConcepts decal sheet and window mask

(FitsTeam Associated B6.4 | B6.4D)

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