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Mercedes C11 Rear diffuser and wing stay set

Mercedes C11 Rear diffuser and wing stay set

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Tamiya Mercedes C11 rear diffuser and wing stay set.

Temporarily out of stock. I make these kits myself in batches and batch 2 went very fast. Batch 3 should be available in a couple of weeks. Please drop me a message if you want a heads-up when I have more ready. Thanks for your support.

(Car kit NOT included. Images of completed car for reference only)

To further enhance your Tamiya C11 kit we have developed a rear diffuser that closely mimics the detail of the real car. 
This part is in 3 pieces.
The main diffuser.
Rear engine cover panel.
Rear light unit. (non functional)
plus fitting screw and nut.

This kit fits securely with one screw (supplied)
No chassis drilling needed and the diffuser sits flush to the FRP chassis plate so there's no risk of hitting it when racing.
The engine panel can be glued or screwed onto the diffuser once fitted and the small light(non working) unit is used to hide the 3mm nut that holds the diffuser in place.

PLEASE NOTE: The diffuser part is made for the Chassis in the lowest position.

Printed in an extra strong black PLA PolyMax from PolyMaker, this is proven material with more strength than the typical PLA. The light unit is resin printed.

All parts will need to be surface finished before painting. 

The rear wing supports.

Not happy with the 3mm black plastic kit parts we have remodelled these supports to be machined in high grade 1.5mm alloy. These also raise the wing slightly higher and further forward than the kit parts. A much more scale look.
Machined in house, here in Belgium. 
No additional mounting bolts needed, all OEM bolts are retained. 
These wing supports raise the wing slightly and bring it closer to the body to more accurately represent the real car. The wing is also rotated slightly to make the back edge of the wing more upright, again simulating the look of the real car.

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