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Tamiya Comical Avante (GF-01CB) 58678
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Tamiya Comical Avante (GF-01CB) 58678

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Tamiya’s series of comical buggies hasbeen a great hit, a fun and unique chassis combined with bodies reimagining Tamiya classic names in polycarbonate. Now, the next model is here and not only does it feature a brand new subject in the shape of the Comical Avante, it also introduces another new chassis variant. Why not go nuts and give your R/C garage another injection of fun?

  • This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit.
  • Includes a lightweight and durable stylized polycarbonate versions of the Avante body and wing, developed specially for this model. The body is pre-painted in PS-16 to save the hassle of a paint job.
  • Parts are included to create a driver figure, as well as stickers to decorate the body, with some dedicated driver figure stickers.
  • Stylish bumper and muffler parts are included, with two types of headlight/foglamp included for installation.
  • Separately sold LEDs can also be used to light up the model front and rear.
  • New ST block bubble tires have stepped block patterns (width/diameter: front 45/99mm, rear 55/99mm).
  • The chassis is a special variant of the GF-01 with slightly tweaked frame components to allow attachment of dedicated parts. It offers efficient gear-driven 4-wheel drive.
  • ABS two-part wheels are molded in yellow (rims) and dark gray (spokes).
  • CVA oil dampers ensure your ride has superior cushioning.
  • A rear wheelie bar lets you perform thrilling wheelies by slamming on the throttle.
  • Please note that the bubble front tires from previous comical buggy releases are not compatible.

*Radio control system, batteries, charger and paint required for completion.

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